Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I'm not dead

Hello friends, I know it's been a very long time since I blogged here. I do a lot more on myspace now. www.myspace.com/arleyseth my profile is private but if you ask I will approve most requests. If you would like to see more poetry just go there and ask for it. I am also available on request to write poems for some occasions free of charge, thankyou and goodbye.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


On Eagles Wings

He raises me up, on, eagles wings,
Suspended by angelic strings.
With my father I will stay,
Wearing robes of white and not of grey.
In the heavens far above,
Held just by an enourmous love.
My love for the Father my love for the Son,
It will never end it has just begun.
So I will soar high on an eagles broad wings,
With the strings made of gold and more glorious things.


Eagles' Wings

Ex 19:4 -
Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians, and how I bare you on eagles' wings, and brought you unto myself.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Through my Makers eyes

I see my makers face,
Im falling faster into a pit.
I see the world dissapear,
I think now yeah I must quit.
I land on the ground as soft as sand,
Yeah this must be heaven oh I finally got here.
But it still is dark,
Yeah my fate and destiny is still unclear.
I think oh Lord whats happening,
Is this Heaven or is it Hell.
Oh Lord I think I must've missed it,
Please let my ship of life again sail.
So I asked for another chance,
I wished to have it to do over.
Yeah I feel like I'm falling faster again,
And I woke up in a meadow of clover.
I went to my house knocked on my door,
Realized I wasn't dead anymore.
I had a chance to start from that mornings rise,
So I started seeing myself, through my makers eyes.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Valentines Day

Guess what! It is Valentines Day and upholding an age old tradition (which I hope to break) I am single once again. Several people at my school are and that is very depressing for them, of course that is understandable. I had a girlfriend who I poured my heart and soul into and then she dumped me at a skating rink. That broke my heart but I recovered. My message today is taste some of your own medicine, take your own advice. How many times have you said that there are many more "fish in the sea". I have said it a few times but never to myself. How about you? Do you get dumped and turn around say to yourself "oh well better luck next time, there loss, more fish in the sea." No of course you don't, neither do I. I go sit down somewhere with some chocolate ice cream and a TV remote and have that whole self pity time. As I'm sure many of you whether you want to admit it or not. I don't claim any relationship degree, or even the right to give you advice, I just want to say take your own some times. Just keep looking there is a perfect person for each one of us that God picked out and said wow those two would really get along. You will meet them, one day just show a little patience.


Hopewood Band etc.

Hopewood Band Rocks!!! I am in a small school band at Hopewood Academy in greenwood and I love every minute of it. We have my sister as a band director but otherwise we are pretty good, lol I'm just kidding. My sister is the best. She takes time off to come teach our small group of maybe 17 at best and we love every minute of it. We are learning to play a song called Aura Lee and it is very pretty. I think it is funny because the name Aura Lee resembles my name Arley so all the other students are like hey lets play Arley. My sister Thinking Southerner writes meaningfull stuff in her blog but I usually stick to poetry. I am considering going into writing posts with more meaning but I will continue to post poems, after all that is what Brave Eagle is best known for to those who know him. Hey spread the word, If you like my blog tell your friends, if not tell your enemies. I need input, metaphorically speaking my river is starting to run dry. I need suggestions, what do you want to see more of. Well I am going to conclude this post but I am going to start working on something that deals with a real world subject. Hey thanks for reading, And thank you Stacey and the Southerner for reading regularly and commenting.

Monday, February 06, 2006


That lonely road.

Hey yall. I know I know I am so far behind its not funny. I have to give you a poem I suppose. This is a song I wrote a few weeks ago.

I walk, up the road,
Carying, my heavy load.
A load, thats in my mind,
A load, that I cannot find.
I search, but I don't see,
Anyone, else like me.
I hope, to drop my load,
But for right now I walk, up that road.

I look, at the sky,
I wish, that I could fly.
I want, to take up wings,
And many other things.
I look, over the ledge,
Im standing, on the very edge.
I think, of flying away,
But for now right here, I will stay.

I en-joy my life,
Even with, all the pain and strife.
I keep on going, to the very end,
And on to my lifes, final bend.
I keep, on going,
Thats what promotes, me to sing.
I'll keep on living, or until I die,
But right now I sigh, and wonder why.

I walk, up the road,
Carying, my heavy load.
A load, thats in my mind,
A load, that I cannot find.
I search, but I don't see,
Anyone, else like me.
I hope, to drop my load,
But for right now I walk, up that road.
But for now I walk, up that road,
Yeah I'll keep on walking, up, that, lonely, road.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005



The lights, the thrills, the automobiles,
The sights, the bills, the joy that fills,
Every heart and every mind,
With joyous youth that they will find.
Whether you're young or if you're old,
The fun you'll have cannot be told.
In Branson Missouri they have it all,
From specialty shops, to a giant mall.
You can't help but to have fun,
By day or night Bransons the one.
Go there to celebrate marriage or freedom,
there's lots of people, just go there and meetum.
So finally to say what I feel,
Would ruin the fun, and break my ideal.

Monday, December 12, 2005


Letter from the dead.

I wish that I could see the light,
If only for a day.
I wish to feel harsh winters bite,
If only for a day.
To see the eagle swoop and soar,
To hear the Lions mighty roar,
To feel the fight of love and war,
If only for a day.

I wish too see a young ones love,
If only for a day.
Too feel the sunshine up above,
If only for a day.
To see a flower open up,
To see the birth of a baby pup,
To touch the rim of a golden cup,
If only for a day.

Enjoy your life while you still can,
If only for a day.
Whether Woman, Child or Man,
If only for a day.
Live a little just for me,
Just be what you want to be,
Death will come when you don't see,
If only for a day.

thank you for reading this,
If only for a day,
Being alive that's what I miss,
If only for a day.
Closing windows opening doors,
Writing letters by the scores,
Sipping the fountain of youth as it pours,
If only for a day.

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